The Wildlife Information Centre

Biological data for south-east and part of central Scotland

Wood Anemone (Anemone nemoralis)
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Welcome to The Wildlife Information Centre (TWIC) website

Dark Green Fritillary (c) Ron McBeath

TWIC is the Local Environmental Records Centre for south-east & most of central Scotland that collects, collates and disseminates information about wildlife in our area - see the map below for the area we cover.

TWIC is part of a newtork of Local Environmental Records Centres in the UK and is a member of the Association of Local Environmental Records Centres (ALERC) and National Biodiversity Network. For information on how TWIC is run please see our About Us pages.

TWIC holds data on species, habitats and designated sites for our area. At present our database holds more than 3.5 million species records. Find out how to request data here.

TWIC provides support for recorders through workshops, conferences and excursions. TWIC promotes biological recording by attending events and running wildlife surveys and occasional BioBlitz events to encourage everyone to get involved in recording.

An online interactive webapp that allows users to explore how many records are present in our database.

Hover your mouse over a Local Authority in the map to learn how many records are available for the highlighted area. You can also search for a town to see if it falls within our boundary.

Map contains Ordnance Survey data copyright Crown copyright and database right 2021.

TWIC is a company limited by guarantee - registered in Scotland No. SC234339. A recognised Scottish Charity SC034113. This project is supported by NatureScot.