The Wildlife Information Centre

Biological data for south-east and part of central Scotland

Frost on Hawthorn berries (Crataegus berries)
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TWIC Directors

TWIC is managed by a Board of up to seven Directors who are volunteers. The TWIC Directors oversee the strategic direction of TWIC and ensure that the appropriate policies and programmes are developed and implemented. In particular, Directors are responsible for ensuring TWIC’s legal and charitable obligations are met and overseeing TWIC’s financial and staffing resources. The Directors work collaboratively as a team and all responsibilities are shared.

Sarah Eno (Chairperson)

Elected 2012. Re-elected 2017. Retired 2018. Elected 2019. re-elected 2021.

Like many women reaching their mid-40's, Sarah went to university following two years of Open University study and thoroughly enjoyed her ecology degree at Lancaster University. The degree gave a broader and more scientific base to her amateur botanical skills, organic smallholding and love of the environment as well as a good many new friends, bird and bryophyte ID skills.

Sarah become the project manager of the National Trust for Scotland's Upland Grazing Project in 1996. This took her to some of Scotland's iconic European protected mountain areas working on how to determine and manage grazing impacts on conservation areas. When this finished she worked for about a year in Scottish Natural Heritage's Aberdeen office initially contracted on the beginnings of site condition monitoring of SSSI's followed by maternity leave cover for an Area Officer post.

By 2000 Sarah had moved to the Scottish Borders as an Area Officer to SNH again, with the full range of work – broad but shallow – as she dealt with all sorts of protected species work, planning assessments, looking after SSSIs, advice on agri-environment grants etc. Sarah’s botanical skills waxed and waned over the 13 years but also led her to being responsible for the SNH input into the Scottish Borders Biological Records Centre when it was with the local authority. Both the botanical recording and working with The Wildlife Information Centre continues in her retirement, along with various other engagements with natural heritage enthusiams.

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Rob Briers

Elected 2014. Re-elected 2015, 2017 & 2020

Day Job: Associate Professor of Ecology, Edinburgh Napier University

Rob was elected as a TWIC Director in 2014. In addition to this, he is an Associate Professor of Ecology in the School of Applied Sciences, Edinburgh Napier University. He is currently the Head of the Life Sciences group within the School, which involves overseeing a group of nearly 50 academics. Rob has diverse research interests particularly focused on aquatic ecosystems from rivers and ponds to coastal areas. He undertakes work involving a combination of field- and laboratory-based research in addition to the use of geographical information systems and spatial analysis.

Prior to moving to Edinburgh in 2003, Rob was based in Aberystwyth studying dispersal of adult aquatic insects from upland streams, following on from gaining a PhD from the University of Sheffield.

Wilma Harper

Elected 2017. Re-elected 2018 & 2020.

Day Job: Chartered Forester and Chartered Environmentalist, Director and Trustee

Wilma is an experienced director, having held senior positions in the Forestry Commission and now has a portfolio of board positions. As well as being a Director of TWIC, she is a Trustee of the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) and President of the Edinburgh Natural History Society. She is also a trustee for Scotland’s Finest Woods Awards and a board member of the Royal Scottish Forestry Society.

Alongside this broad environmental background, she brings considerable experience of corporate governance, strategy and change management. She has led the development of major computer systems and is now helping a number of groups develop their websites and improve the use of social media.

She has a particular focus on areas which support people improve their understanding and appreciation of their environment. She regularly leads excursions for the “Edinburgh Nats” and enjoys the exploring and discovery these field trips bring. Having become a runner 5 years ago, she has learned the value of being outdoors for improving health wellbeing and now leads a Jogscotland trail running group.

Michael Scott

Elected 2019. Re-elected 2021

Day Job: Business operations at Texthouse, a Kelso-based copywriting and content marketing company.

Michael spent most of the last 25 years managing a local authority countryside visitor centre near Jedburgh, until leaving to join his partner’s business in 2019. The countryside centre also hosted the Scottish Borders Biological Records Centre and he played a key role in nurturing its development from 1996 until it became part of TWIC in 2007. The next twelve years continued the working relationship with TWIC through a series of SLAs focussed on biological recording activity in the Scottish Borders.

Michael has a science degree, a postgraduate qualification in countryside management and a more recent degree in business and enterprise. Practical conservation work parties and countryside rangering were a part of his working life until the mid-1990s when he returned to his home territory in the Borders.

He’s a committed wildlife recorder and feels privileged to meet so many wonderful and memorable individuals, both experts and enthusiasts, through excursions, meetings and training events.

Maurice Hankey

Elected 2021

Day Job: Small holder

Maurice is from a farming background and has early experience in agricultural education and advisory work, as well as practical farming. He retired in March 2020 after holding a series of senior positions in membership organisations and charities. He was Director of the, then, Scottish Landowners Federation for 9 years before moving into the charity sector as chief executive of the Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Society (RSABI) and then on to the Royal Society for the Support of Women in Scotland. In each he led significant changes to organisational structure, governance, policy direction, profile and operations, as well as financial management. From 1997 until 2005 he served on the Board of Governors of the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute (now The James Hutton Institute).

Now a smallholder with gardens, pasture and woodland he enjoys “harvesting sunlight” through extensive fruit and vegetable growing as well as solar energy and battery storage.

Paul Codd

Elected 2021

Day job: CEO of Flexergy, a CleanTech startup developing systems for the ultra-efficient storage and distribution of green hydrogen

As part of his work at Flexergy Paul is currently investigating opportunities to decarbonise heavy freight transport on behalf of Transport Scotland. He is also retained by a small number of technology startups in the energy industry to advise on their commercialisation and internationalisation strategies.

Previously he founded an energy storage technology company, Cheesecake Energy, which it is believed holds the potential to become the world's greenest energy storage system. He helped Cheesecake secure several million pounds of grant finance and private investment and laid the groundwork for the company's first pilot deployments and commercial partnerships. He has 20+ years experience as project manager and business developer in energy storage, renewables development (onshore wind, solar thermal and PV), energy engineering and consulting, with a 6 year stint in local government where he managed a £20m project portfolio across 9 local authorities and their partners. With deep international business, and sustainability engineering expertise participating in projects often at the cutting edge of innovation.

Andy Swales

Co-opted board member 2019 to advise on finance.

TWIC is a company limited by guarantee - registered in Scotland No. SC234339. A recognised Scottish Charity SC034113. This project is supported by NatureScot.