The Wildlife Information Centre

Biological data for south-east and part of central Scotland

Crane flies (Tipula sp)
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Meet some of our former volunteers

Lesley Kennedy - Volunteer Data Processor

Lesley volunteered at TWIC for just over 3 years, from 2015 to 2018.

Speaking in 2016, Lesley says "Ten years ago I left full time employment as a management consultant to focus on raising a family. Now the children are at school and I have more free time, I decided to look for a volunteering opportunity that would allow me to update my I.T. skills and prove to myself that I could still organise my time and function within an office environment. I have always been very interested in wildlife and also enjoy a good excel spreadsheet, so volunteering at TWIC has been ideal."

Paul Barclay - Volunteer Data Processor

TWIC were one of the organisations kind enough to take me on and I spent one day a week in their office helping to process paper wildlife records into a more modern format.

This was incredibly rewarding in every way, I was able to learn a huge amount about nature and biological recording and after a few sessions began to feel really in touch with the recorders who had spent so much of their time and energy documenting the world around them.

In addition I gained some fantastic experience of working in an office environment with a great team of people and built some life and work skills which made a real difference when applying for, and gaining, employment in the sector.

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