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Biological data for south-east and part of central Scotland

Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum)
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Excursion reports:

Recording Excursions

Excursions are organised to obtain species data from sites across our region and to provide opportunities for group recording and skills sharing.

Priority is usually given to under-recorded areas or sites proposed as Local Biodiversity Sites / Local Nature Conservation Sites.

Most meetings are general outings - meaning that we will record whatever species we can competently identify! However, some outings are targeted at certain taxa or are joint events with local recording groups. Refer to the excursion listings below for further details.

Whether or not you have been on one of our excursions before you are most welcome to join us.

For information on previous excursions, please click on the links at the side of the page.

Recorders enjoying a visit to Mavisbank, Midlothian in 2018. Photograph courtesy of Gary Hovell (LARG).

2024 Excursion Programme - coming soon!


1. Participants attend outings at their own risk

2. Please do not attend an excursion if you are unwell with COVID or have a fever.

3. If you need to car share with people from outside your household please follow guidelines to reduce the risk of passing on COVID (it is recommended that you open windows and wear a face covering, unless exempt).

4. All appropriate risk assessment and procedures will be followed during excursions.

5. For further information please email

6. TWIC reserves the right to change or cancel outings as circumstances dictate.

7. Records from excursions will be uploaded to the NBN Atlas Scotland.

8. If you would like to join the mailing list to receive notifications of forthcoming TWIC recording excursions by email, please contact and ask to be added to the excursions mailing list. Note that you can unsubscribe from this list at any time by emailing us. Details on how we hold and use your personal information can be found in our privacy notice.

TWIC is a company limited by guarantee - registered in Scotland No. SC234339. A recognised Scottish Charity SC034113. This project is supported by NatureScot.