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A dung fly (Scathophaga)
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Excursion reports:


TWIC organises a programme of excursions each year, some in conjunction with local recording groups. These excursions are planned primarily to obtain biodiversity data from sites across our region. Priority is usually given to sites proposed as Local Biodiversity Sites (pLBS), as this means that any data generated from the excursions can be used in the site assessment. Recorders of all groups of organisms are welcome. Whether or not you have been on one of our excursions before or are a newcomer you are most welcome to join us.

For information on previous year's recording excursions, please click on the links at the side of the page.

Recorders enjoying a visit to the Carberry Estate. Photograph courtesy of Christine Johnston.

Forthcoming Excursions - 2017

Sun 6 August - River Almond - Livingston Village (West Lothian)

Site details: The section of the River Almond passing through Livingston Village, between the bridge at Alderstone Road to the east to the bridge at Simpson Pkwy/ B7015 to the west (site centred on NT035668, vice-counties of Midlothian 83 and West Lothian 84).

Leader: Jay MacKinnon, mob 07854830452, e-mail

Aim: To generate species records for this proposed Local Biodiversity Site, including plant data for this site. The site has few (less than 50) existing species records according to the data TWIC holds, so any additional records will be welcome. There are no existing fish records and only a single bryophyte record for the site.

Meet: Meet at 10 am at the car park to the north of Almondvale Stadium (NT048670) - Alderstone Road, Livingston (EH54 7DN).

Requirements: Waterproofs / sunscreen and sun hat (as weather dictates), walking boots/ stout footwear and lunch.

Sun 20 August - Dun Moss (Clackmannanshire)

Site details: Dun Moss is a lowland raised bog located East of Clackmannan in Clackmannanshire close to the boundary with Fife (site centred on NS981924, vice-county 87 West Perthshire). The site also has some smaller patches of broadleaved woodland.

Leader: Natalie Harmsworth, mob 07833019493, e-mail

Aim: Survey of a proposed Local Nature Conservation Site (pLNCS). General survey, including bryophytes and vascular plants.

Previous records include Crowberry (Empetrum nigrum subsp. nigrum), Cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccus) and Bog Asphodel (Narthecium ossifragum). Green Hairstreak butterfly has also been recorded, but we are unlikely to see this species on the wing in August.

Meet: Meet at 10 am at Main Street/ West Road car park in Saline and we will car share to the site (grid reference NT02219246, postcode KY12 9TL).

Requirements: Waterproofs / sunscreen and sun hat (as weather dictates), wellington boots and lunch.

Sun 27 August - Alva-Devon Wetlands (Clackmannanshire)

Site details: Alva-Devon Wetlands are situated in a low-lying depression adjacent to the River Devon flood embankment, south of Alva in Clackmannanshire (site centred on NS879962, vice-county 87 West Perthshire).

Leader: Natalie Harmsworth, mob 07833019493, e-mail

Aim: Survey of a proposed Local Nature Conservation Site (pLNCS). General survey, including plants. We will update the vascular plant list from 1995 and record other wildlife present. Previous records include the Clacks LBAP species Marsh Yellow-cress (Rorippa palustris) and UK Biodiversity Action Plan Priority Species, Lapwing. The floodplain is used by wintering Greylag and Pink-footed Geese.

Meet: Meet at 10:30 am at the entrance to the track which heads south to the wetlands from Coblecrook Place (NS87819676, postcode: FK12 5DX). There is on-street parking along Coblecrook Place. Please park with consideration to residents.

Requirements: Waterproofs / sunscreen and sun hat (as weather dictates), wellington boots/ walking boots and lunch.

Sun 10 Sept - Whitmuir organic farm, Lamancha (Scottish Borders)

Site details: Whitmuir organic farm is located 16 miles south of Edinburgh near West Linton in the Scottish Borders (site centred on NT191510, vice-county 78 Peeblesshire). Whitmuir is a 54 ha mixed, upland farm at 267 metres altitude. The site comprises a mosaic of organic farmland, with hedgerows, mature trees, orchards, ponds etc. See: for more information.

Leader: Reuben Singleton and David Dodds. Contact (Reuben) mob 0778 3047398 e-mail

Aim: The particular focus of the outing will be on invertebrate recording, although recorders of other groups are of course welcome to attend. The only existing invertebrate records for the site on the TWIC database are 1 beetle record (7-spot Ladybird) and moth records from Reuben’s previous moth trapping sessions at the farm. A previous record of interest is the Scottish Borders locally rare moth, Haworth's Minor (Celaena haworthii). Records for other invertebrates are lacking, for example there are no existing dragonfly, bumblebee, spider or mollusc records for the site. There are also few bryophyte (mosses and liverworts) species listed.

Reuben will position moth traps around the grounds on the Saturday evening and on Sunday morning we will get a chance to see what we have caught and then proceed to explore the wider estate. If you would like to join Reuben on Saturday evening to see the traps go out, you are welcome – please contact him using the details above.

Meet: Meet at 10 am in the car park at Whitmuir organic farm (NT19165110, EH46 7BB). Directions to the farm can be found here. *Note* that there are several other Whitmuirs in the Scottish Borders, so make sure you check the grid reference or postcode before travelling!

Requirements: Waterproofs / sunscreen and sun hat (as weather dictates), walking boots/ outdoor footwear and lunch. There are toilets and a café at the site.


1. Unless otherwise stated, there is no need to book a place on an excursion. However, those planning to attend should let TWIC or the excursion leader know, so that they can be notified if there is a change in plans.

2. For further information please contact the TWIC office (01875 825968) or email

3. Safety on excursions: Anyone attending a TWIC excursion does so at their own risk.

4. Anyone who can assist with transport to excursions, or who requires assistance with transport should contact TWIC who will endeavour to put recorders in contact with one another to arrange matters themselves.

5. The leader reserves the right to change or cancels outings as circumstances dictate.

6. The leader's mobile phone number is for contacting him/her on the day.

7. Records from excursions will be uploaded to the NBN Atlas Scotland.

TWIC is a company limited by guarantee - registered in Scotland No. SC234339. A recognised Scottish Charity SC034113. TWIC acknowledges financial support from Scottish Natural Heritage.