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Few-flowered Garlic (Allium paradoxus)
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How to use Grab a Grid Reference

To find a grid reference for a place first select the desired scale boxes on the right. Drag the red place marker on the map to the desired location. Use the '+' button on the map to zoom in and then the 'Satellite' button for aerial image and adjust the place marker. The grid square of the selected resolution will be displayed on the map and the grid reference for that square will appear on the right-hand side. Alternatively you can drag the map to the desired location and then hit the 'Get The Marker' button'.

To show the location for a known grid reference, type the reference into the box on the bottom right and press the 'Go To' button.

To share the resulting map with someone else, right-click on the 'Get a link to this location' and select 'Copy shortcut'. This copies a URL link to this particular map into the clipboard which you can then paste into another document.

Grab a Grid Reference

Drag the red marker to where you want a grid reference. The grid refs will appear on the right, and corresponding boxes on the map.

Press the Satellite button to turn on the aerial photos. Use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out and use the cursor to move the map to the right location.


Select scale:
10-m square (Red):


100-m square (Green):


1-km square (Blue):


2-km square (Pink):


10-km square (Brown):




Enter a grid ref without spaces (e.g. NT381632) then press "Go to"...

Marker Controls...

Please do not record using 2-km or 10-km grid refs. These are for information only.

The javascript in this application uses code written by Keith Balmer and Jonathan Stott and is released under the GNU General Public License Version 2

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