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Biological data for south-east and part of central Scotland

Ramsons (Allium ursinum)
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Recording Resources

Sources of help with maps and grid references

Grab a Grid Reference Tool from Bedfordshire Natural History Museum - Obtain a grid reference by searching on postcode or place name. Can also be used to check the accuracy of a grid reference obtained in the field.

Vice-county lookup - Check the relevant vice-county for a grid reference or place.

'Where's the path' - A collection of old maps for checking out old location names and for digitising routes.

Sources of help with wildlife identification

List of local Experts - This lists contact details for local experts in TWIC's area for a range of species groups.

iSpot - is website for helping you identify wildlife and share nature. You can post a photograph of your find on the site and suggest an identification yourself or ask others to identify it for you. You can also help others by identifying their finds

Highland Biological Recording Group links page - a comprehensive list of identification resources with links to external websites.

Other resources

NBN Gateway - Use this to check the scientific names for species, check synonyms and look up existing species distributions for species.

Find an LERC map - Find the LERC for your area by searching on postcode, place name or grid reference.

NBN Record Cleaner - Free software to assist with records validation and verification.

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