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Biological data for south-east and part of central Scotland

A lichen (Xanthoria parietina)
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Request Data from TWIC

One of the key services of TWIC is data provision. We hold and provide a wide range of biological data for a large number of users.

To request data from TWIC please complete the relevant data request form found on the left side of this page and send it to

What Data Does TWIC Provide?

TWIC offers all users the following types and formats of data. If you require data in another format please get in touch and we will endeavour to accommodate your request.

Data Type Details Excel PDF Shapefiles Google Earth (KML) JPEG
All Species All species records (protected, non-protected, and invasive). X X X X
Notable/Protected Species EPS, UK protected species, and species of local conservation concern. For the full list of Species Designations included, see: Species Designation Key. X X X X
Invasive Non-Native Species Species records from the Scottish Invasive Non-Native Species priority lists: strategic management, and local management and containment. The list of Invasive Non-Native Species included is here: Invasive Non-Native Species. X X X X
Habitat Data Phase 1 Habitats (Lothians, Borders and Clackmannanshire), Phase 1 Target Notes (Lothians only), Ancient Woodland Inventory, NVC, Habitat Map of Scotland, CSGN Integrated Habitat Networks (IHN), Native Woodland Survey of Scotland (Woodland Screenings request only). X X X
International and National Designated Sites SSSI, SAC, SPA, RAMSAR, NNR, LNR(excluding Scottish Borders). X X X
Local Designated Sites Local Biodiversity Sites (Excluding Falkirk), SWT Wildlife Sites (Only for Scottish Borders, Clacks, East Lothian, Falkirk and Stirling). X X X
Species Distribution Maps (SDM) Map types showing where species/taxon groups have been recorded (presence) or how frequently selected species/taxon group have been recorded in an area of interest in each 10km, 2km or 1km square. 2km resolution (especially for bird species) is the recommended choice. X X
Woodland Screening Report Comprehensive report in PDF text format, listing all potential biodiversity constraints (or opportunities) from a planting proposal for the site and buffer area - it is available as part of the Woodland Screening data request. X
Habitat Indicator Species Report It is used as an aid to flag potential habitats on site that may be affected by a woodland creation proposal. The habitats with indicator lists are Basic Flush, Calcareous Grassland, Unimproved Waxcap Grassland, Heathland and Sphagnum Bog - this report is available as part of the Woodland Screening data request. X

Commercial Requests - Environmental Consultants and Developers

TWIC supplies data to Environmental Consultants and Developers in order to inform their work. If you are a commercial user of our data we do charge an administrative fee in order to cover our costs in processing the request and to contribute to our data collation work. For further guidance on the definition of "Commercial" or "Non-Commercial" please consult this page: Guidance on the Definition of Non-Commercial User.

Commercial Requests - Forestry Agents and Woodland Screening

Since 22/11/2021 TWIC has launched a new commercial data request product: the Woodland Screening Data request with the aim of delivering ecological information that is most relevant to forestry agents. The Woodland Screening should be requested for any woodland planting scheme as part of a desktop search prior to species or habitat surveys being undertaken. For guidance and more information see TWIC's Woodland Screening Guidance.

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Costs and Turnaround Time

Our typical turnaround time is 5 working days, however this may occasionally be longer should we have a high caseload or there are staff on leave/absent. You will be notified of the expected turnaround time.

The table below shows prices for our commercial data searches as of 01/04/2023.

Data Request Type Details Cost
Consultancy/Woodland Screening Standard rate, for 1 hour of work. £155 ex. VAT
Consultancy/Woodland Screening Every additional 1/2 hour on top of standard rate. +£70 ex. VAT
Consultancy/Woodland Screening Rush Job fee: Results ready in 2 working days. The fee is added to the original quote. +£70 ex. VAT
Consultancy/Woodland Screening Hourly rate for a large data search (estimated to take at least 8 hours of work). £95 ex. VAT

Please note that this is not a charge for the data itself, but for the amount of time spent working on the request.

TWIC supplies a quote based on an estimate of how long the request will take to process. This is calculated by the size of the site, size of the buffer zone around the site that is required, and how many categories of data are requested. Sensitive species are included as standard for commercial requests, assuming that confidentiality is assured. TWIC will begin processing your request on acceptance of our quote and our terms and conditions for data supply as found on the data request form.

The late payment fee for invoices not paid within 30 days of issue will be £70 ex. VAT. (issued at TWIC’s discretion).

Non-Commercial Requests

TWIC supplies data to Researchers, Students, Wildlife Recorders and Members of the Public in order to inform leading research, coursework, recording efforts and general interest.

As long as you do not make any financial profit from data supplied by TWIC, there is no administrative charge for data supply. If in doubt, please refer to: Guidance on the Definition of Non-Commercial User.

Our typical turnaround time for non-commercial requests is 10 working days. Should data be required on a shorter notice than this, please contact TWIC to see if we can turn the data around faster. Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do this. Sensitive species data for non-commercial requests have their grid reference and location data blurred according to NatureScot's Sensitive Species of Scotland recommendations. The recommendations can be found here.

TWIC will begin processing your request on acceptance of our terms and conditions for data supply as found on the data request form.

Sample Data can be downloaded here.

TWIC is a company limited by guarantee - registered in Scotland No. SC234339. A recognised Scottish Charity SC034113. This project is supported by NatureScot.