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Zebra Spider, Salticus scenicus

Key Features

This charismatic spider has a stripy pattern of black or dark brown and white on its body. They can be very hard to spot until they move, often in short, jerky bursts. The males have pale ‘feathery’ pedipalps which they use to display to females, and conspicuous dark jaws.

Where to Look

These spiders are most commonly encountered on sunny walls and fences but may be found indoors, usually near a window. They are sometimes found in more natural habitats, on rocks or occasionally tree trunks in open places.

Don't Confuse With!

Salticus cingulatus another jumping spider which is usually found on trunks and lower branches of trees in sunny places in or near woodland and heathland.

More information

Zebra Spiders don’t build webs to catch their prey, but actively hunt by creeping up and then pouncing on it. They can swivel and focus the large front pair of eyes providing excellent binocular vision to track moving prey. Their other six eyes are fixed and detect movement from the sides and rear.

More information about this spider can be found here.

Left hand photograph (c) Katty Baird. Right hand photograph (c) Chris Cathrine.

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