TWIC supports recorders through our training workshops and recording events programme and promotes biological recording and the understanding of our natural heritage across our region.

Recording Dragonflies at Delph Pond in 2016. Photo courtesy of Mike Beard.
Recording Dragonflies at Delph Pond in Clackmannanshire in 2016. Photo courtesy of Mike Beard.

TWIC provides a wide range of data services. We routinely supply data to:

  • Local authorities for screening planning applications
  • Consultants for preparing ecology reports
  • Forestry agents to support grant applications
  • Landowners for site management
  • Students, recorders and the public to inform coursework, scientific research, recording efforts and general interest.

We follow NatureScot’s Sensitive Species of Scotland recommendations on the release of sensitive wildlife information to the public. For commercial requests, we charge an administrative fee to cover our costs in processing the request and to contribute to our data management work. For more information visit our Data Requests page.

Records from our own projects and surveys, and those of other organisations and individuals who have given permission, are made available online via the NBN Atlas Scotland.