TWIC is set up to raise funds through Easyfundraising and Easysearch but, if you want to support TWIC, you’ll need to make a few small and easy changes to how you shop or search online.

For Easyfundraising – You need to sign up once and then choose The Wildlife Information Centre as your good cause. Whenever you shop online (most retailers are signed up) either go through Easyfundraising or, so you do not forget to go through that site, install the Easyfundraising toolbar and you will earn a donation to us at no extra cost to yourself! For more details see TWIC’s Easyfundraising page. So far, we have raised over £500 for TWIC! Thank you to everyone who has helped raise funds for TWIC.

For Easysearch – Every search raises a fraction of a penny for TWIC. It could soon mount up! Please use the following as your search engine: