Green-veined white Butterfly by Natalie Harmsworth

The TWIC database currently holds almost 3.25 million species records! Last financial year we entered 277,403 records, including 16,610 records of Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) and 159,081 records for species listed in the Habitats & Species Directives. As always, bird, moth and vascular plant records represent the majority of records inputted – but the total also includes 1,773 butterflies, 1,560 terrestrial mammals, 1,092 molluscs and 782 beetles.

Current and good quality data are key to informing conservation action and to allow decisions to be taken based on the best available biodiversity data. The provision of biodiversity data by Local Environmental Record Centres like TWIC has been especially important during COVID-19 when ecological surveys have been more limited.

Thanks to everyone contributing data and to our remote data processing volunteers for assisting with data processing tasks.

For more information on volunteering with TWIC please visit this page: Volunteering with TWIC.