While Covid-19 casts its shadow over all our lives, it seems more important than ever to have something to celebrate – so here at TWIC, we are delighted to say that, thanks to all the recorders and organisations who continue to share their data with us, our database now holds more than 3,000,000 records. These records help to build a more comprehensive picture of the biodiversity within SE and central Scotland and provide an essential resource for planning screening, environmental assessment, research and conservation.

A Rook, Corvus frugileus, among a Scottish Ornithologists’ Club’s dataset was the 3 millionth record – rapidly followed by many other species to take our new total to 3,004,417!

Whatever your circumstances in these challenging times, we hope that you still have some access to the solace that nature provides – and, if you are not yet an active wildlife recorder, perhaps now is your chance to start! Records for all species are important – even the common ones – so everyone can contribute, and it is a great way to learn about the wildlife sharing your local patch – whether that be your garden or local environment. To find out more about how to record, visit our Recording and Contributing Data pages. Just remember to stick to current restrictions and social distancing rules when you are out.