We are hiring! (applications now closed)

We are sorry to say that our GIS and Data Officer, Roisin, will be leaving TWIC at the end of…

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iNaturalist landscape logo

iNaturalist update – what it means for LERCs like TWIC

iNaturalist is one of the world’s most popular nature apps and social networks, built to share and discuss record identification…

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Green-veined white Butterfly by Natalie Harmsworth

Species Records Update

The TWIC database currently holds almost 3.25 million species records! Last financial year we entered 277,403 records, including 16,610 records…

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Species Distribution Maps (SDM) can now be requested from TWIC

A new map product is now available from TWIC: Species Distribution Maps (SDMs) – Species Presence and Species Abundance. An…

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Lime tree (Tilia) winter twig. Photo by Natalie Harmsworth.

Privacy Policy

We have updated our Privacy Policy. To view a copy of our updated policy click here (PDF, 4 pages, 53.6 KB)….

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Thanks a million – 3,000,000 actually!!

While Covid-19 casts its shadow over all our lives, it seems more important than ever to have something to celebrate…

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New GIS and Data Officer – Claudia Caporusso

TWIC has appointed Claudia Caporusso to be the new GIS & Data Officer. Claudia comes to TWIC from the University…

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Fieldfare by Teresa Reynolds (CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0))

2.75 million records!

On Wednesday 8 May 2019, upload of a batch of bird data from the East Lothian Council Ranger Service pushed…

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SBIF Review butterfly

Scottish Biodiversity Information Forum

The Scottish Biodiversity Information Forum (SBIF) Review has now been published and makes 24 recommendations that will hopefully improve the…

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